Single frequency Er-doped fiber laser

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This device is designed using technology of single frequency fiber lasers. The laser provides spectral width <100 kHz. A laser emission is locked to a molecular absorption line near 1550 nm. It makes the instrument with great frequency stability and thus the laser can be used as frequency standard. There are different versions available: single output with 1550 nm emission or two wavelength version with second harmonic generation (output at 1550 and 775 nm).



Type of laser Fiber, LD pumped
Operating (central) wavelength 1550,5 nm
Output power (single wavelength version) 200 mW
Output power (two wavelengths version) 3 mW / 0,2 mW
Power stability (2 hrs) +/- 0.3%
Frequency stability (at 1550 nm) +/- 0,5 MHz
Spectral width < 100 kHz
Output delivery system fiber coupled, FC, SM or PM fiber
Life time 10000 hrs
Voltage Frequency 110/220 Вт; 50-60 Гц; < 100 Вт
Operating Temperature 18° - 22° C
Device dimensions: 230х330х140 мм

Long-term frequency stability:


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