Fine optical fiber respooler

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Fine optical fiber respooler.

The respooler is designed for rewinding optical fiber in automatic mode (without additional optical loss) or manually with a reduced speed of a small amount of fiber with high accuracy. Range of optical fiber from 2 meters to 20 kilometers. Using a set of receivers can be mounted on small rollers rewinding spools several meters as well as large spools of several tens of kilometers. Fiber length is programmed by the operator and displayed. In the process of rewinding amount of fiber regulate by sensor and displayed. The accuracy of measuring the amount of optical fiber is 25 cm. When reached the programmed amount of fiber respooler stops automatically.


  • Respooler puts optical fiber by rows - coil to coil
  • Bending loss < 0.01 dB/km @ 1550 nm
  • Respooler has 2 speeds - increased and decreased (selectable by the operator)
  • Increased speed of rewinding – 7200 m/h.
  • Decreased speed of rewinding – 700 m/h.
  • When unusual situations rewinding process can be interrupted by pressing the emergency red button.


The appearance of control panel of respooler.The respooler is controlled by the panel shown on the picture. On this panel are display, unit control buttons and LED indicators.
Function of elements on the control panel. Top right is a lever on / off of respooler. The right low red button is stop of rewinding. The right low green button is start of rewinding. 2 red arrows right and left in the center help with high accuracy the spool in optimal location before rewinding. In the center is green screen monitor of device. In the upper left corner is LED “Failure” lights up if there is an emergency or breakage of fiber optic wire. Green button in the lower left corner of this setting is used to set the length of the optical fiber. Left red button above the settings button is change the values (used when installing the length of the optical fiber).

The display shows information about the mode of the device, given values of rewinding and the current length of the optical fiber is rewound. The letter A (number 1) means the automatic rewind. The letter W (number 2) means the device is stage of rewind. Number 3 shows the current value of an already rewound optical fiber in centimeters. Number 4 shows given the length of the optical fiber, which is necessary to rewind.

On a common tabletop device is the emergency button. It interrupts the rewinding process in an emergency or unusual situations.

Fiber tension is regulated by the balanced levers. At the ends of the levers are turning spools. In such system is less possibility of dismount of the fiber. Optical fiber tension is correct. Fiber loss in a result rewinding of less 0,01 dB/km at a wavelength of 1.5 um.

Amount of an already rewound fiber detected using high-precision sensor with an accuracy of 1 cm. The display shows information up 25cm. With a specially designed slip-fiber relative to the feed measuring roller excluded.

Stepping motor with worm gear allows positions the take-up spool up 3 um. Therefore, the respooler puts optical fiber strictly coil to coil, regardless of the thickness of the fiber optic wire. In the respooler uses standard optical fiber spools with an internal diameter 25.4 mm. If necessary, supplied adapters for internal diameters of 2 ", 3", 4 ", and custom diameters non-inch.

Device dimensions are 100 cm in length and 70 cm in width.
Device weight is 35 kg.


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