Stabilized multi-mode emission source

based on laser diodes


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Волоконный иттербиевый лазер YFL-1064


Stabilized light source based on laser diodes (LDs) is designed for pumping fiber lasers, as well as a separate light source for scientific and practical applications. Source generates a multimode optical emission, stable wavelength (975 ± 1 nm) and power (20 watts).


The source consists of an electronic driver light emitting LD (available drivers without diodes). The driver contains a network source, also the power supply LD with scheme current stabilization, scheme temperature stabilization of LD and a control scheme. Multimode LD (such Lumix 0975T080 or equivalent) in an amount of from 1 to 3 have a fiber output of emission (either independently or through the fiber combiner pump as an option).


Optical power up to 20 W
Number of LD 1-3
Power supply 110 - 220 V AC
Supply current 1 А
The emission wavelength of LD 975 ± 3 nm
Сurrent adjustment range of LD 0 – 10 А
Long-term stability current of LD <10 мА
Range of temperature control of LD 25-35 С
Long-term stability of temperature 0,1 С
Output fiber 105/125 mm, NA = 0.22
Dimensions (WxDxH) 235*315*140 mm


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