Ytterbium-doped fiber lasers

Compact and easy-to-use sources of powerful CW radiation in the near IR range


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Волоконный иттербиевый лазер YFL-1064

Ytterbium-doped fiber lasers are compact and easy-to-use laser sources in the near IR range. Practically any desired wavelength within the range 1030-1120 nm can be selected as the central operating wavelength for a particular model. Moreover, up to 40 nm tuning is available within the range.



· High beam quality,

· compact highly efficient design,

· adjustment-free operation,

· thermal stabilization,

· choice of central operating wavelength within a broad range (1030–1120 nm),

· tunability up to 40 nm,

· linear polarization


· bio-instrumentation: DNA sequencing, flow cytometry, scanning laser microscopy,

· medicine,

· Raman spectroscopy,

· optical communications,

· fundamental researches


General specification:

Laser type fiber, LD pumped
Spatial mode TEM00 mode
Operating (central) wavelength any within the range 1030-1120 nm
Wavelength tuning range (optional) up to 40 nm
Output spectrum width (FWHM) <0.4 nm
Output power tunable, up to 20 W
Polarization random (linear – optional)
Beam quality M2 < 1.2


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