Tunable lasers

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Модель GFL-540-550-0.15

GFL Series:

Available Models


Tunable lasers




Tuning range: 525-540 nm

Wavelength step: 1nm

Maximum Power: 0.15W




Tuning range: 540-560 nm

Wavelength step: 1nm

Maximum Power: 0.15W


Green Fiber Laser (GFL) General specification
Type of laser Fiber, LD pumped
Spatial mode TEM00
Operating (central) wavelength any within 515-560 nm
Wavelength tuning range (optional) up to 20 nm

tunable, max 1W

Polarization linear
Polarization Ratio 200:1
Power stability (2 hrs)

+/- 1%

Amplitude noise, rms

< 1% (20Hz to 2MHz)

Beam quality M2 < 1.1
Beam divergence < 1 mrad
Output spectrum width (FWHM) <0.02 nm
Output delivery system


fiber coupled (optional)

Electrical requirements:
Voltage 110/220 VAC

50 to 60 Hz

Power Consumption < 100 W
Environmental Requirements:


Operating Temperature 15° to 30° C
Storage Temperature -40° to 75° C
Operating Humidity

up to 70%


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