Raman lasers

Compact and easy-to-use sources of powerful CW emission in the near IR range

Raman lasers are compact and easy-to-use laser sources in the near IR range. They provide continuous generation at any wavelength in the range of 1220-1320 nm and 1440-1560 nm, also the generation of several wavelengths simultaneously. The possibility of continuous frequency tuning over a wide range greatly expands their capabilities.



  • High beam quality,

  • Compact highly efficient design,

  • Adjustment-free operation,

  • Thermal stabilization,

  • Choice of central operating wavelength within a broad range (1220-1320 nm or 1440-1560 nm).



  • Bio-instrumentation: DNA sequencing, flow cytometry, scanning laser microscopy,
  • Medicine,
  • Optical communications,
  • Fundamental researches


Laser type fiber, LD pumped
Spatial mode TEM00 мода
Operating (central) wavelength any within the range 1220-1320 nm or 1440-1560 nm
Wavelength tuning range 1250-1300 nm or 1470-1530 nm
Output spectrum width (FWHM) <1 nm
Output power tunable, up to 5 W
Polarization random (linear – optional)
Beam quality M2 < 1.2


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