Q-switched fiber lasers in IR, visible, and UV ranges

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Q-switched fiber laser generating in  near-IR, green and UV

reliable, stable and compact high-power pulse source
based on advanced fiber optics technologies with broad spectral range
for research and industrial applications:

  • microprocessing of various materials,
  • marking, engraving and painting on various surfaces,
  • cutting of metals, ceramics, glass etc,
  • photomodification of transparent materials,
  • laser lithography,
  • study of nonlinear and fast processes, plasmas etc.


Type of laser Fiber, LD pumped
Beam profile TEM00 mode
Pulse energy up to 0.4 mJ @ 1064 nm
up to 0.1 mJ @ 532 nm (option)
up to 0.01 mJ @ 355 nm (option)
Pulse duration 50 ns (option: 20-200 ns)
Repetition rate 1-5 kHz (option: up to 100 kHz)
Operating wavelength 1064 nm (option: anyone in 1040-1100 nm range)
532 nm (option: anyone in 520-550 nm range)
355 nm (option: anyone in 347-366 nm range)
Polarization Linear
Polarization ratio >100:1
Beam quality M2 < 1.2
Power stability (2 hours) < ± 2%
Electric power requirements:

220 V
50 Hz
< 200 W
Output head:
Basic unit:
85x70x290 mm3
185x45x380 mm3


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