Green fiber lasers

a new generation of Continuous Wave (CW) Green Lasers


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Модель TGFL-530-540-0.15

Model GFL-550-0.15

Модель GFL-540-550-0.15

Model TGFL-530-540-0.15

The Green Fiber Laser (GFL) series covers all known wavelengths in the green spectral range corresponding to conventional ion gas (Ar & Kr) and solid-state (in particular, DPSS) lasers: 515, 521, 529, 531, 532 nm, and offers new wavelengths in the range 515–560 nm. Practically any desired wavelength within the range can be selected as the central operating wavelength for a particular model. Moreover, up to 20 nm tuning is available within the range.

The GFL series lasers are manufactured using our fiber optical technology, a proprietary technology for intra-cavity doubling of unpolarised Yb-doped fiber laser with linearly polarized green output (patent pending) providing the following advantages:


· High beam quality and stability,

· Compact highly efficient design,

· Turn-key / adjustment-free operation,

· Choice of central operating wavelength within a broad range (515–560 nm).

· Tunability up to 20 nm

· Fiber coupling

Applications include either replacement of ion gas and DPSS lasers in well-developed areas or initiation of new technological edges based on the advantages of fiber lasers:

· bio-instrumentation: DNA sequencing, flow cytometry, scanning laser microscopy;

· medicine: ophthalmology, dermatology, urology;

· holography;

· fundamental research: spectroscopy, fluorescent analysis.

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