The Company "Inversion Fiber"

The Company "Inversion Fiber" specializes in developing and manufacturing fiber optic components, devices, instruments advanced level.

In a team of qualified staff working different specialties: engineering - electronics, physics, designer, technologist, engineer, production workers.

The Company is equipped with modern equipment, instruments, machines.

The presence of an industrial site allows you to quickly implement the product in model samples and work out the optimum design, test the feasibility of a physical idea.

The company has the ability to quickly deliver to their needs necessary fiber, optical components from both the Russian suppliers, as well as from abroad.

All this allows us to solve the most complex tasks in a short time to develop new devices, components, appliances fiber direction, such as fiber lasers: continuous and pulsed, tunable, and nonrearranged, various current drivers and termokontrollery laser diodes.

Mobility and flexibility of the company due to a small number of people in the workplace, as well as their highly qualified, to quickly connect the company to new and emerging projects and implement them.