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News from 9.08.2013

Inversion-Fiber Co Ltd. developed reference single-frequency fiber laser with two output wavelength: 1550 and 775 nm.

Fig. 1 The laser appearance.

Spectral width for both wavelengths is < 0.5 MHz

Absolute frequency stability for 1550 and 775 nm lines is < 1 MHz and < 1.5 MHz respectively.

Fig. 2 Long-term frequency stability for 775 nm line.

News from 13.02.13

The use of fiber lasers of GFL series in the Raman spectroscopy.

One application of the GFL series lasers developed by “Inversion-Fiber Co. Ltd.” is using for Raman spectroscopy. Powerful fiber laser with CW radiation in the green range may serve not only as alternative sources with respect to conventional lasers (in particular, argon-ion laser with a radiation wavelength of 515 nm and DPSS lasers), but also exhibits a few advantages in comparison with the existing laser sources.

Figure 1. GFL-540-0.35 fiber laser is used as the excitation source for the spectrometer T64000 Horiba Jobin Yvon


Figure 2. Graphite and multilayer graphene spectra mesured with the spectrometer T64000 Horiba Jobin Yvon using GFL-540-0,35 laser. (client coordinates: ).

More information about the features of fiber lasers of GFL series in spectroscopy - here.

Fiber laser GFL-540H

In the Company "Inversion Fiber" developed fiber lasers in the visible spectrum with a coherence length of emission up to 10cm. This device is a good tool as a station read / write holograms in photopolymer materials.

The laser provides an output optical power of 1 W with a spectral width of less than 5 pm, and with an additional option - 200 mW and 1 pm.

The main technical characteristics of the laser:

Type of laser - fiber, diode-pumped

Emission profile - Temo Fashion

Wavelength - 540 ± 1 nm

Power output - adjustable, up to 1000 MW

Polarization - Linear

The degree of polarization - 200:1

Power stability - + / - 1.0%

The noise rms - <0.5% (in the band 30 kHz-200 MHz)

The quality of the beam - M2 <1.1

Divergence - <1 mrad

The spectral width - 0,005 nm

The spectral width (optional) - 0,001 nm

Fine fiber optic wire respooler

The company "Inversion Fiber" has developed and produced an automated fine fiber optic wire respooler for their own needs. The respooler allows to rewind smoothly in automatic mode, any number of fiber reels from one to another with high accuracy. Laying fiber is turn to turn, by rows.

Blue-green fiber laser

Blue-green fiber laser - an alternative to argon laser!


The Company "Inversion Fiber" produced a green fiber laser GFL-515 with increased coherence length. This device is a source of emission in the green spectral region at a wavelength of 515 nm and is comparable to the characteristics of an argon laser. At once, the laser GFL-515 is a compact, does not require adjustment, cooling systems and high energy costs.

Fiber laser GFL-515 has a coherence length about 2 cm, which is enough for holographic applications, such as writing / reading of holograms in the visible region.

Therefore, GFL-515 is a great alternative to argon laser at a wavelength of 515 nm and power up to 100 mW, and is applicable to optical holography.

More read and download information about the new laser GFL-515-0.1, you can on our page GFL in our products or updated sintered..

The Company is ready to produce laser in a standard specification, and the parameters for a specific order (increased power, the coherence length).

A new source of laser emission

A new source of laser radiation

The stabilized source of emission - a new class of devices designed and manufactured by our company for the scientific and practical applications. The source generates a multimode optical emission, stable wavelength (975 ± 1 nm), and current. The source is equipped according to the customer from 1 to 3 - the number of laser diodes, with the possibility of an independent fiber output of each diode, or integrated with the fiber pump combiner. Optical output power is 20 W when using three laser diodes.

Can be supplied without laser diodes - in the form of a current driver.

Acquainted with the detailed description and technical specifications you can here..


ТехнопаркThe company "Inversion Fiber" became a resident of Technopark of Novosibirsk Akademgorodok. March 1, 2011 Council of Technopark approved the introduction "Inversion Fiber" in this esteemed organization.